About Us

We deliver positive and lasting change for our clients through the power of people, sourced and retained through intelligent recruitment and retention solutions. A truly engaged workforce is a productive workforce which inevitably leads to better organisational success. This core belief defines who we are and forms the foundation of our approach.

We think big. Not big in terms of size – we leave that to the global ‘body shops’. Big in terms of the impact we want to have on your organisation. We partner selectively with likeminded clients who want us to work in partnership with them – we know the impact that high touch, transparent business partnerships can have when it comes to what we do – the results can be truly astounding.

Our internal culture shines through in our interactions with clients. We are professional yet enjoyable to partner with – it’s important for us to extract maximum enjoyment from what we do and who we work with. Our work involves constant interaction with people – we are the archetypical socialites – truly appreciating our relationships with organisations and people.

We’re not your agents; we are your consultants because real consulting is about challenging and supporting both clients and candidates with intelligence, honesty and inspiration – transactional recruitment and prescriptive solutions add little value to what we see as being one of the most important relationships your organisation can have.

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